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      Decorative and Functional Works by
      Jane Murray-Smith


      Welcome to Dragonfly Pottery!

      Like so many people who work with clay, it is the essential tactile experience, the very realness of molding clay, either by hand or on the wheel that was the initial draw for me.

      My inspiration for handbuilding comes from the natural world.?One of the very first?raku tiles?I carved is of a woman transforming into a tree.?I handbuild?raku seals, otters, rabbits,?and when asked, make?pet portraits of raku dogs and cats?as?figurines?or as part of?memorial urns?or?stoneware dog treat jars.

      Many?horsehair and feather vases, lamps, jars and baskets?include the feather imprints of our Canada goose, and other mystery feathers that I find on our walks.

      I equally love to throw functional work that is not only beautiful and elegant to see, but friendly to hold and use daily as your favourite?mug, jug, teapot?or?bowl. Each piece has to look and feel exactly right.


      In 2002?I become a full time potter and joined a group of professional potters, and in 2003 opened our gallery,?Pyromania Pottery?in?Coombs BC.


      I am inspired on a daily basis by my fellow artist and husband Christopher M. Smith of?bet365 카지노, with whom I share a home as well as our?Phoenix Gallery of Glass and Ceramic Art?in?Lantzville BC

      Summer Sales on Vancouver Island

      All summer sales are with husband Christopher M Smith, showing? as Phoenix Gallery

      Nanaimo Potter’s Guild Spring Sale - Saturday and Sunday before Mother’s Day

      Art in the Garden? -? Nanoose Bay - June or July

      Nautical Days - Comox-? Canada Day weekend

      Art and Music in the Garden - Horticultural Centre of the Pacific - Victoria - mid August

      Christmas Sales on Vancouver Island

      Mid-Island Potters Sale?- Parksville Conference Centre -? last Sunday in? October

      Campbell River Potters Sale?- Campbell River Sportsplex - Saturday before Remembrance Day

      Comox Valley Potters Club Sale?- ?Florence Filberg Centre - 3rd Saturday in November

      Nanaimo Potter’s Guild Christmas Sale - First Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November

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